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Shenzhen Office Furniture Sales - How to Find Your Customers?
For many office furniture salespeople, the key to doing a good job in sales is not how well they learn their professional knowledge, nor how firmly they remember office furniture sales scripts. Even if you excel in these aspects, most office furniture companies will not provide you with customers to connect with, but rather let you develop your own customer channels, As a traditional industry, office furniture is mainly sold offline. Office furniture companies can only provide product information for their business and not provide customer information specifically. Therefore, in order to do a good job in office furniture sales

   There is a great opportunity for the sales of office furniture in Shenzhen, a big city. There are many high-rise buildings towering here, and various types of office buildings are available. It is inevitable to develop clients to run into office buildings, as you may encounter business owners who are just about to rent offices here. You can also find the relevant person in charge of the investment promotion department to establish good relationships and obtain first-hand information from tenants, In summary, you will have opportunities for potential clients here, just like you have the opportunity to make contributions at any time on the front line of the battlefield. Of course, running office buildings in this way is relatively difficult, as there are countless office buildings in Shenzhen, and it is difficult to come out on one leg. Therefore, when running, you also need to adapt to strategies, which involves information collection and information screening.China office furniture

Of course, it is important to take good care of the customers who come out on our own. It is difficult to develop new customers, while maintaining old customers has more opportunities. Therefore, when you cannot convert into a customer, you need to do a good job in office furniture procurement and after-sales service, so that we can become friends with customers as much as possible. Through its network, we may also be able to develop new customers, Father of car sales: Joe Gillard also proposed the 250 rule, which means that everyone's network will have 250 friends who are influenced by their opinions. Office furniture and cars are products with poor repurchase rates. Natural cars can increase sales through word-of-mouth communication, so office furniture is definitely feasible.

According to the editor of Shenzhen Office Furniture, many office furniture salespeople in Shenzhen find office furniture difficult to sell due to their low repurchase rate. It should be noted that a customer's repurchase cycle may take up to three to five years. If it is just a repeat customer repurchase, it may not bring objective orders to the enterprise in the short term, but if it is a referral, it will be different, So doing a good job of word-of-mouth and impressing your clients with their friends is a great channel for us to purchase office furniture. If you delve deeper, you will find incredible results.

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