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Desk, work efficiency is higher


A lot of people like my desk clean and tidy, the leader looked at comfortable, customers look good, look good. Since Frederick Taylor's scientific management principle since its release, most organizations are also believe, orderly workplace better. 


However, most people have such experience, had things to do in perfect order, once after cleaning, can not turn things around, the working efficiency. 


Britain's daily mail has the problem been publishing, said proved through the experiment, casual, messy desk, can let a person's thinking is more simple and clear, the efficiency is higher. 


Why is there such a, the conclusion is neat office model is not the best? 


All this was our memory patterns. 


As we all know, the human brain consists of left and right brain, they have different division of labor, the left brain responsible for language and logic, right brain responsible for imagery thinking, such as space, image, etc. 


Our memory process, after receiving the information, the brain will "burn" to store the appearance of things, and the left brain is classified first, the information into the corresponding folder again. When to extract this information, the brain is a sign of the burn information directly back to you, the left brain is judgment information in which folder first, and then extracted later find what page, and then give it to you. 


This process is familiar? 


Yes, right brain and left brain's memory and extracting process was almost with us in a cluttered and tidy my desk work process of the same. 


So the relative merits of left and right sides of the brain memory? 


Look at the strongest in the brain's memory is used right brain memory degree awarded. 


For example, was also a familiar person, you are met "know name couldn't remember the face", and more or "know face but couldn't remember the name"? 


In most case, it should be the latter. Face is the task of the side of the brain, and to remember names is the task of the left brain, face the appearance of information significantly more not easy to forget. We want to remember a lot of information, will try to use "is not easy to forget" side of the brain. 


(Facebook founder mark zuckerberg's desk) 


Why do we always can be found in the desk "messy" what you need? 


Because does not represent a disorder, but a seemingly random order. 


How to understand the words of man? 


What we call the disorder is usually entry type of disorder, such as 10 papers on the desk, you don't have a neatly folded, and according to the order of 1 to 10, that's what we normally think of disorder. 


Disorderly and orderly, however, more than such a method, for the human brain, the sense of place can also be ordered. 


In my junior high school of time, our "abnormal" English teacher "flower elder sister" is usually the next day let us recall the day before her class, a syntax parsing position on the blackboard. 


According to our common ideas, can remember this sentence grammar and usage is very not easy, have to remember the location, it is likely, but most people can answer out unexpectedly, memory is stronger than for grammar. 


Self access memory science began, just understand our "flower elder sister" is the original master hidden memories, through the spatial memory right brain, to drive the text of the left brain memory, it is no wonder that English has been the best in our class, this is a reason for that. 


Desk items, the space position of the memories, too, each item in your form the orderly space memory in the brain, like lines invisible line connected with your location, it is in the charge of efficient right brain, so it's not easy to forget, we can easily find the corresponding position to get the corresponding items. 


All items after filing, however, the serial number of disorderly into orderly, and orderly position becomes disordered, to extract the number can only rely on memory, this is a relatively inefficient of the left hemisphere is responsible for, so it would be easy to forget. If forced to retrieve it again from the beginning to the end, will make the work efficiency. 


About the location of the orderly memory, I served as an experiment. 


Strongest in the brain of a certain period, there was a player after watching a 15 Numbers 0 to 9 after 5 to 6 seconds, can complete the rehearsal, the 15 Numbers is divided into 5 lines, is the first line 1, line 2 2, the third line 3, the fourth row 4, 5 line 5 arranged. 


I think is not very difficult, so at home and find their own a piece of paper to test, and sure enough, not hard and after one hour I can still to digital write several groups of experiments. 


I will again after 15 Numbers in order to write on the paper directly, only to find the performance and the normal, are written in a short time is not complete, even if a few times barely remember, also will soon be forgotten, this is the magical thing about this right brain memory location. 


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