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What should office furniture colour collocation is perfect?


Choose good after office furniture design, its color is very important, you know, color also has its own character and style, make the colour in the different personality "you help me, I help you", can we change the depressing atmosphere office, has the rich colorful. 





Warm color attune of office furniture gives a person with warm, lively, warm feeling, but also make things feel bigger, space is small, so not suitable for small space, furniture is decorated compact space. 





Cool color gives a person with calm, elegant, solemn feeling, also can appear smaller items, space is broad, cool color adjustment for the smaller space. 


Neutral shades with a person the sense with serious, rational, can match with any color, available surface is very wide. 





The following is a widely used on the small make up of sorting out a few office furniture colour: 

There are about five kinds of modern office furniture color: black, grey, brown, dark red and blue. Usually, different kinds of gray to desk; Black, brown for the boss chair and reception desks and chairs; Blue and dark red for office chair. Because, blue is quietly elegant, do not break lively; Red is serious, there is no lack of lively; Black, brown, always give a person NingChongGan, use them to decorate the meeting room, will prompt you focus your thinking. 





In the office, each color has its own language, it will send out to your colleagues and customers some mental messages. 

For example, black gives a person of loneliness, but at the same time also have a noble and solemn; 

Let a person feel the old brown, but different concentrations of brown instead of the old dull, also produce elegant; 

If a bright red big powder too make public, and quiet cool color tone, to show the young and lively; 

If this white taupe too plain and neat, and warm color in hand, it is easy to show their elegance. 

Lavender with sky blue gives a person the feeling of quiet; 

Magenta with borland let a person feel lively; 

It match which does appear elegant; 

Pink with the white convey the youth breath; 

Dark brown with yellow can make you look more mature; 

Light grey with jet is solemn; 

Red with black can attract the line of sight of each other; 

Dark green with yellow collocation is the most natural; 

Tehran, with pale blue feel steadfast; As for the bright yellow with black, can give a person the beauty of jumping. 


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