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The developing trend in office furniture

 With the continued strength of China's economy, the Chinese office furniture ushered in a new peak. The ubiquity of computers and communications him the office efficiency, also let office the fundamental definition of a fundamental change. Office space is also diversified, intelligent, humane, vogue is changed, the trend of environmental protection. 

The intelligent office 
The intelligent office embodied in many aspects. Office of the development of intelligent furniture design is aimed at the disadvantages of traditional office furniture with high technology replacement, makes every effort to make office furniture from the cumbersome and messy operation. Such as office furniture is the collection office environment control, multimedia control, monitoring and control system and security is equal to one. And the intelligent office furniture has become has become one of the developing trend of Chinese furniture industry. 
Humanization of office furniture 
Humanized design is to adhere to the "people-oriented" thoughts as the instruction. To meet the knowledge of physical, mental, physical and mental aspects of requirements as the prerequisite. By means of artificial function, create a safe, comfortable office furniture. Humanized office furniture free space more flexible, in the future the modelling of the humanized design requires not only the product of office furniture gives a person with beautiful personal enjoyment, make human body engineering, but also to make the office environment, has the attractive elements. 
The combination of office furniture flexiblization 
With the scarcity of land resources, rational utilization and the rising cost of business combination change trend of the development of office furniture function. Office of the future is no longer a fixed organization changes in the form of elastic will increase. Mobility is an important embodiment of the future office. 
Office furniture is changed 
People in there will be a new furniture consumption idea transformation and breakthrough, with previous functional pursuit for personalized, fashionable enjoyment with the use of furniture is not only a purely practical tools, also gives the pursuit of fashion, make public the personalized design, and rich connotation. 
Office furniture of environmental protection 
Along with the people environmental protection consciousness, green design will become an important goal of China's future office furniture design. Office furniture, the material design and production are based on environmental protection, recycling of green goals are met. Under the requirements of environmental protection, the future of office furniture must be solved in the production process in the process of paste, finishing the harmful material such as formaldehyde pollution. 
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