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Research on the application of ergonomics in the design and innovation of office chair
[Abstract] office chair is the process of modern life more contact with a kind of furniture, the rational design of office chair is often in order to help office workers reduce cervical spondylopathy and lumbar disease, while improving sitting comfort, improve work efficiency. In order to achieve this goal, ergonomics in the process of office chair design has a very important position. This paper discusses the application of ergonomics in the design of office furniture and the innovation process.
[Key words] ergonomics office chair design innovation application research
With the rapid development of China's economic construction, there are a large number of staff working in the office, including white-collar class, researchers and government staff, etc.. These staff members in our country's economic construction and the development of social life level has a very important role, but also the backbone of China's socialist construction process. But need to pay attention to is that these workers chronically exposed to computers and office chair, if in the process, long-term to maintain a posture, it will lead to staff the uncomfortable, even very likely will appear in the form of a variety of diseases. Such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease and periarthritis of shoulder and waist muscle strain, for the health of staff caused very serious harm, will lead to the staff of the actual working efficiency is affected greatly. In order to solve this problem, a more effective way is through the method of ergonomics, the office chair for design and innovation. Through this form can better help staff in long-term use under the premise of the office chair does not appear a variety of diseases and uncomfortable.
1 related concepts in ergonomics
For ergonomics, the main definition is to study the relationship between human and other components in the system. By means of ergonomics, can use the related data, theory and method of corresponding design and also after the completion of the study, can help the system to achieve the optimization effect, and can help the body in the process of using the system more comfortable and healthy. In the research, ergonomics research mainly includes for characteristics of man-machine system design research, the human body, the place of work and information transfer research, safety protection and environmental control design. In this research, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the human body. Through the study on the characteristics of the human body can better help solve in actual office, office chair design and innovation how to do and the body's physiological characteristics to better integrate, and ultimately be able to make people in the use of office chair work process can achieve a safe, comfortable and efficient state.
Through this kind of research, finally can help the design of the office chair to be able to better satisfy the people in the work process the related request, and can enhance the work efficiency as well as the human body comfort degree.
2 for the office chair in a variety of state of man-machine engineering analysis
2.1 analysis in working condition
For office chairs, in the actual use of the process, mainly in the operation of the computer and reading and writing activities such as the use of. But in this process, if the user's posture no in accordance with the relevant requirements, or is the staff is in a state of fatigue, extremely easy lumbar disease or cervical vertebra disease, etc., especially in the process of reading and writing, the human body often show an upward tilt state, it is due to the emergence of this state, which resulted in the tension of the user's shoulder back muscles and muscles of the neck for a long time. In the operation of the computer process, often in a natural droop of the shoulder.
2.2 body size analysis in sitting posture
Through the analysis found that in the actual process of the design of office chairs, according to the human body in the process of office to carry out the corresponding design. And human when in a sitting position, be measured tend to hold out a bosom, and corresponding adjustment, eyes look straight ahead. In such a state, the feet of the staff will naturally be placed on the ground. At the same time for some of the need to use the computer for the work of staff, also need to ensure that the shoulders of the natural droop. If the desk in a higher state, there will be a small arm in the actual work process is hold up the situation. At the same time, the staff of the shoulder muscles will in a long time tension and unnatural state. Is in such a state, will lead to cervical spondylosis and scapulohumeral periarthritis, etc. users, so the appropriate desktop height is very important. At the same time, in the process also need to pay attention to, desktop and the location of the keyboard bracket position need to separate the upper and lower placed help file to read and write related work. At the same time, this process should also pay attention to, the calculation of appropriate desktop actual level is sitting the difference between high and chairs. By such a calculation method, it is better to calculate the actual height of the office chair, so that the design of the office chair is better.
An example of the design of office chair under the guidance of the 3 man machine engineering
An example of the design of the office chair under the guidance of the 3.1 domestic brands
For human engineering, China is actually involved in the study of the earlier, while in this process, also in the design of office chairs have achieved good results. There are many domestic brands have used the ergonomics of the relevant methods of their own brand of office chair design, and achieved good results.
A-ONE Innovative Design Research Center for the actual design and research and development of a healthy office chair Suit". The office chair is a new concept, namely the pants vest. In the actual design process, the main use of a non-linear, synchronous tilting mechanism of the relevant principles of the office chair design, so that the user's body can play a better support. And in the design of the seat surface, according to the user's adjustment to the user's adaptive processing, but also to enhance the use of the process of freedom and the user's comfort level. In the fabric, the use of the tension and the network technology to design, so in terms of pressure, also can better distribution, but also has a good permeability. It can be said that the seat in the actual office chair design process fully embodies the health and comfort of the office chair design innovative new ideas. This office chair in the actual use of the process, to better ensure that the user's comfort and efficiency in the use of the process. The design is shown in Figure 1.
3.2 foreign brands under the guidance of human engineering office chair design examples
For foreign brands, in fact on the ergonomics get popularity at the beginning of the use of ergonomics concept of office chair design and innovation, also in this process and achieved good results.
For example, Miller Embody's Herman seat, this seat in the design process, is mainly used in the form of particle support to carry out the design. In the actual design process, particles constituting the seat and seat back to state according to the user's actual action of adjustment, also in after the completion of the adjustment, also can realize uniform force and suitable for the user's own actual situation related to the effect. Through this form of design, users in the actual use of the seat in the process, to promote their own blood circulation, but also to improve the user's heart rate. Especially in the depth of the seat, can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the user. Therefore, the seat is actually a certain therapeutic effect, rather than the traditional office chair will damage the health. This kind of design can not only ensure the office chair in the actual use of the process, can effectively help users comfortable and healthy use of office chair, also can in the use of office chair, is conducive to the health of users, so it can better achieve the office chair, health and innovation effect. At the same time, there are many studies show that, through the use of Embody seats, the office efficiency has been greatly improved, the health of employees has also been a good improvement. The design of the Embody seat is shown in Figure 2.
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