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Office location bad how to solve

 Clerk office location if the door with his boss, no matter how iron relationship with the boss, will bring its own crisis. In addition, if a position is opposite the door or back door, feng shui is bad. So, how to solve? 


A, staff office location 

In fengshui, employees and the boss are mismatched. Because the boss's responsibility is to manage the staff, that is a relation of phase grams. So, if their seats on the boss's office door, can form the opposition of the situation. Staff movements will be influenced by the boss aura, as time passes can cause conflicts. So, had better not set a seat at the gate of the boss, such ability can produce mutually beneficial relationships. 

At the same time, employees can't sit in the office door, because the office door in and out of people here, identity is more complicated, although it is type in the mouth, but also the import and export of various ShaQi, noxious gas. If the staff sit at the gate of the office for a long time, is vulnerable to the impact of these ShaQi, affect the body health. 

And turn your back on the door, behind without relying on, the impact of the mixed gas more. People affected by the aura, blundering mood, spirit is in a state of tension, make the mind chaos easily, can't finish the work on time, result in the workplace. More serious still can make the person the body appear problem, the waist sour backache, kidney is bad. So to avoid as far as possible don't sit on the location, will not affect their own fortunes. 

Second, the resolve way 

1, office location is the door to the boss 

If you sit at the gate of the boss's office and can't adjust the position, the commonly used items isolation method will be a little effect. 

2, office location in the back door 

If your office location at the back door, simple point is to adjust the layout, don't seat in the back door position setting. If the pattern can't adjust, you can also find a chair back a little higher, with the back of the chair to block all kinds of mixed gas. 

3, office location in the doorway 

Standing at the gate of a screen or other such as feng shui, lucky bamboo, now rising, evergreen plants, can resolve various ShaQi from the door. 


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