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Office furniture of choose and buy routines deep, you should understand this

 Office furniture is different from other single product, it is a system engineering, and contains a lot of service composition. Both want to consider the problem of comprehensive, macro problem, also want to consider the problem of concrete, microcosmic problems. A good set of office furniture is dependent on the humanized design, is dependent on the accurate measurement of personalization, also cannot leave the unique cultural value and connotation of the brand. How to choose a suitable for office furniture, and listen to the personage inside course of study of action make recommendations. 



The industry point of view 


The study decorates is indispensable to human landscape 


A set of comfortable study cannot leave the humanistic layout. The study decorates should have the function such as reading, writing, creative workspace, this is the central area, the study should be in position to relatively stable and good daylighting, general study is mainly composed of book desk and chair, etc; Next to have a visitor, communication, to discuss the function such as reception communication area, this area varies from one of the function of the study, at the same time affected by the study area, this area is mainly composed of guest chair or sofa; Finally have the books, materials, appliances and other goods storage function of lay aside content area. 


The study style is a question of when decorating, we will consider. The study style of different directly affect the people in the study learning mood and work efficiency, no matter choose which kinds of style, the study is from the perspective of the user, consider good practicability of the study, and handle the relationship between study and other space. 





The domestic office furniture enterprises struggle for low-end market 


Office furniture market demand has been increasing in recent years, from a certain level is considerable. But seemingly good prospects of pouring in, attracted a large number of enterprises and even some foreign companies have also break into into the domestic office furniture market. From the point of the competition, the situation is not optimistic, the domestic office furniture production enterprises need positive innovation to have new development. 


Many domestic office furniture enterprise only pay attention to "seek" and does not pay attention to product design and quality, lack of scientific marketing strategy. In product development, brand building, marketing, marketing, channel management, logistics distribution and after-sales service, vendor relations on issues such as the lack of long-term, stable and scientific strategic guidance, thus only occupy low-margin low-end office furniture market, and lead to the international brand furniture in the office furniture industry has been in a leading position in the high-end market. 


Although this years continuously improve the furniture industry standards of the state, but the office furniture industry is still in a state of severe homogeneity competition. Most major clients office furniture for the enterprises and institutions, government agencies and other community groups, some companies to adopt "black-box", for brand promotion. Industry product imitation plagiarism phenomenon is widespread, some so-called brand furnisher often to small factories outsourcing cheap products to reduce costs, these irregularities seriously affected the office furniture market order. 


To pay attention to brand presence of complete after-sales service 


In the face of all kinds of office furniture design and model color many, consumers to polish eyes carefully choose brand and product. 


Suggest the consumers when furniture of choose and buy should focus on taste and fashionable combination of enterprise: every enterprise has its own industry characteristics, combined with the trend of The Times to create his own office environment, idea and pattern; Also pay attention to enter indoor furniture decorate harmonious, scientific and reasonable: space trival modelling, colour complex furniture, can cause a person's physical, psychological unbalance, stressful, affect the enterprise image; Tonal thick should choose brunet furniture, tonal and bright spacious configuration contracted, pleasant color of furniture, makes people feel better; Office furniture wants to be coordinated ground material: ceramic tile or marble ground, selection of steel and wood furniture can increase indoor cold atmosphere, suggest use woodiness furniture and in local laying carpet; Second, furniture modelling, colour, function, hardware collocation constitutes a coherent comply with the consistent with integral space; When furniture of choose and buy some manufacturers and brands have complete after-sale service and free maintenance service, service is the second TAB of the furniture, only have the economic strength and rapid feedback service ability, can create the high quality office furniture. 


Office space layout ideas 


As customers, employees, and now the increase of mutual choice space between enterprises, to create a comfortable office in the importance of enterprise management is increasingly outstanding, therefore its layout when decorating a design office also requires us to focus on. 


Pay attention to the efficiency of work of office space, so when the layout of the need to consider the use of employees in the process of comfort and convenience, in walk, convenient to employees in the work process and to be as small as possible affect other personnel office; On the layout according to the nature of the company and industry will need mutual cooperation and exchange department layout in a space, on the premise of clear assurance department partition to facilitate the exchange and cooperate with the work process; The layout of the office space also need to consider better utilization of space, whether it's office space or other space, too much waste of space and make the design of the visual effect is not desirable; The design of the layout should pursue to the high efficiency and comfort of a space and visual effect; At the same time, consider the pursuit of creative office layout design, because the value of for design idea is a kind of reflect and shape; For the layout of the form and shape is the basis of we get creative. 


Office partition screen have wonderful effect 


When it comes to office furniture and office screens have to mention the. 


In recent years, office screen industry appeared in large and small businesses use. Office screen's main function is in the open office area have the effect of break up a space, creating a relatively independent office space. General office screen by high fire prevention materials, fire prevention performance is good, reduce staff interfere with each other in your work, let each staff relatively have their own private space, improve efficiency in the work, also convenient management, communication and cooperation to create the conditions for the team. Office screen appearance is concise, fashion, the wide range of color choices, can choose different according to different office space decoration style color, have very good adornment effect, so the office screen also is a kind of architectural decoration. Office is assembled type screen, can according to customer requirements, or office space assembling any desired effect, but also far more convenient for the company's move. Office screen is becoming many enterprises to build creative pattern, human nature of office space will choose goods. 


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