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Office furniture construction specifications

 1. The installation tools should be proper maintenance, to ensure that in the normal state. 


2. The furniture approach should pay attention to protect the scene (such as elevators, wall, glass doors and Windows, floor, carpet, etc.), when transporting furniture to should take put down gently. Enter with a carpet floor room to wear shoe covers, does not influence the normal office of the customer. As specified by the customer site installation, colleague to contact the customer to take appropriate protective measures of the products. Unloaded after the furniture, the first to tap furniture and fittings number, if there is any abnormal contact supervisor immediately. 


3. If have the installation conditions at the scene of the first check. When customers try so hard drive time limit for a project but does not include all the site conditions, should be with customers and business personnel to (including it might damage the furniture and other construction, etc., avoid installed to open). If not installed, can find a customer consultation room, put the furniture and accessories in good, safekeeping, waiting for the installation conditions after installation. 


4. If the site installation conditions, when installation, pay attention to the furniture and accessories to room unpacking and assembly parts, remove the packing box accessories furniture neatly put good, prohibit disorderly place place, when installation should be according to the installation steps to install step by step, not put not disorderly, can seek a company technical support. 


5. When installation to check the product size, specifications and installation drawings, if any problem, should immediately contact the supervisor. 


6. Pay attention to protecting plate installation process, do not scratch and knocked. Installation screen is to make sure the screen size and accessories, according to the drawing size is consistent. When installing a screw to draw strong, can't leak dozen less. When door drawer aperture should agree. Table and class table, edge horn cannot blow hand. 


7. After being installed the whole furniture, should check it again on the whole furniture to see if there is damage, knock against, scratch, make sure no problem need to clean up the scene after the derelict, cleaning products. And then notify the customer acceptance. 


8. Install the agent on the day of installation should fill in the installation situation report to supervisor. 






9. Installation of discipline 


A) in the process of the entire service be polite courteous and friendly easy-going image. 


B) prohibited when installation with the construction personnel or customer bickering and fighting behavior, such as the ban on smoking, drinking or drunk. Mess with touch others things such as theft behavior is forbidden. 


C) are not allowed to work in the area to a network connecting wires, a normal connection prior consent to communicate with customers. 


D) and other unexpected quality problems, not shuffle, courage to take responsibility, in the customer heart you are the representative artisan yu engineering (outsourcing project construction when you represent cooperative furniture company), should be good at the corporate responsibility into personal responsibility, maintain artisan yu project the brand image. 


E) patience to answer customer questions, and appropriate propaganda artisan engineering furniture company (cooperation) service and consolidate the artisan yu engineering (cooperation) furniture company in the consumers' mind image, shall not make damage the image maker yu engineering furniture company (cooperation). 


F) work place, equipment products piled up area must be compiled, keep clean and tidy, civilized, health work environment. 


(g) dress: artisan yu engineering cooperation furniture company) installer overalls, on mount guard, the standard work. Language: mandarin. Service attitude: smile, supercilious, polite, generous demeanor. Requirement: do it ten to ten. 







Ten to: 


1, according to the requirements of customers arrive site; 


2, clothes and shoe covers. 


3, door plank to flat on the ground; 


4, screen to horizontal flat vertical; 


5, nails to draw out; 


6, the paint with bubble paper or foam to protect (no paint in the face of the paint surface stacked); 


7, the customer to protect existing products; 


8, the handling process should take put down light; 


9, be patient to listen to your customers; 


10 and installed to clean in time. 






10 don't: 


1, don't damage the customer's walls, floor, carpet; 


2, don't loud noise, the construction site; 


3, don't disorderly turn the customer's personal things (has the need to move to the consent of the customer); 


4, don't mess with the customer's phone; 


5, don't smoking, drinking and eating on the construction site; 


6, don't have any damage to the product; 


7, don't use the customer's tea; 


8, don't spit; 


9, don't use customer to disable the toilet; 


10, don't sleep in the site. 


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