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 Design features of the modern office furniture 


In recent years, with the steady growth of economy in our country, the office furniture market present a broad prospects for development. Has long been big hulking desk domestic office furniture is the main image, its dark red tone and deep walnut color left a deep impression to people, in a long period of time was seen as a symbol of identity and status. But with the change of people's aesthetic tendency and of broad vision, and change the way of working concept and, office furniture design shows many new characteristics, people to constantly adapt to the new requirements, and the pace of The Times. A, modelling concise, modular overall structure 


The word "simple" is all the rage in the related fields of design, especially popular with young people and white-collar gens, is no exception for office furniture. It abandoned the such as baroque and rococo style is multifarious and repetition, give a person the sense with rational, pay more attention to the point, line, face and strength with the flexible combination of the pursuit of "simple but not simple" artistic effect, simple aesthetic and injected with more detail in consideration. 


From the point of each exhibition at the meeting now, office furniture is past massiness, composed of modelling has began to retreat, and present a compact, lightweight and flexible characteristics. In terms of form, the rules of the square and rectangular gradually replaced the various free form, overall modelling tend to be more concise. This way of modelling to adapt to the future direction of the development of the furniture, because of simple structure and more convenient to operate, the production investment has also been optimized, which reduces the cost. From this point, the modelling concise and modular design has the same effect. 


Modular design belongs to the category of design methodology, refers to the function of furniture, on the basis of analysis, and judgment, classification and function modules and design a series of furniture through the selection and combination of different function modules of the furniture is a kind of design method. Modular design of standard and generality, it can increase the utilization rate of material and improve the work efficiency, reduce operating costs. Therefore, for the furniture industry now has entered the small profit era, has the vital significance, many large enterprises in implementing. 


As we known household industry giant ikea, its research and development system is adopted the "modular" design. Ikea furniture is free to break up the assembly parts, products are divided into different modules, that means can undertake large-scale production and logistics, for flat packaging laid a good foundation, save a lot of transportation cost. Due to the good and bad are intermingled of furniture enterprises in our country, the management is relatively loose, the implementation of the modular design is not ideal, but it will be an important part of the future development of office furniture in China. 


Second, the color is no longer a single, colorful 


A mention the colour of office furniture, we habitually think of deep red and black walnut color some traditional office furniture in China, such as colour, the colour of these dark and thick modelling has been commonly used form of office furniture in our country, this may be related to cultural background has inextricably relationship in our country, think only grave, composed of color and shape can be coordinated with the office environment, make the concept of work and life are completely separate, thus ignore the mutual need between sex and commonality. As people's broad vision and the arrival of the information service, better educated and society, has become increasingly blurred the boundaries of people's life and work, the appearance of the home office and a fast developing well illustrates this point. Compared with the previous office furniture, now people pay more attention to the human factors such as the flexibility and comfort of office environment, so that their body and mind as much as possible in the intense work atmosphere relaxed, in order to improve the working enthusiasm and efficiency. 


In view of these changes, the colour of office furniture in recent years began to perk up, office furniture is given priority to with cool color into more and more slowly in the warm color, such as orange, red and yellow and other color photograph collocation of colour and a variety of changes in temperature. These colors appear not only enrich the level of office space, from the Angle of psychology the bouncing colour also beneficial for staff keep your mind active, make the whole process in a comfortable, natural and relaxed atmosphere. In addition, transparent and translucent glass in office furniture color also plays a more and more important role, especially in the high partition and screen design on the application of most, it is satisfied in the open and half open office space in the illicit close sex of the demand. 


Three, "humanized design" gradually strengthened 


"Humanized design" prominent is the concept of "people-oriented", emphasizing the appearance of form beauty, also attaches great importance to the furniture itself inherent comfort, functionality and environmental protection, is a humanistic solicitude for people's mental and physical. Modern society, with the constant improvement of the economic and cultural level, people's work and living environment to the surrounding puts forward new requirements, the word "human" gradually becomes the goal of the designers and consumers increasingly, becoming an important symbol of social progress. 


From the psychological perspective, office furniture design, now has a beautiful external form, its use of materials is becoming more and more rich in texture and color, environmental protection sex also constantly strengthen, give a person with a pleasant feelings. Dense and color, for example, a single desk has gradually replaced by simple and colorful modern desk, some swivel chair in the back of a chair with grid materials, good air permeability, and so on. 


From the point of the physiological, humanized design to ensure the comfort of office furniture, especially in the office chair and sofa furniture design is more obvious, such as some chairs from the head, back of a chair, armrest to seat surface height can adjust at will. Comfort is based on human body engineering design, must be established on the basis of scientific analysis of human body size, and deal with products for the people and region, only in this way can do it in the true sense of human. 


In addition, functional elaboration and expand gradually, is now one of the most striking aspects of office furniture humanized. As some sofa with a pulley, the side of the armrest is equipped with a log, both can put documents, books, notebooks and coffee drinks, etc., can be put on with a fold function at the same time, also more colorful, very has the affinity; And as now open or half open some office space in the screen design, on the basis of meet the personal privacy, activity type clapboard can also according to the needs of mobile, space partition. Many design with folding screen and extending function, may at any time to meet the temporary small meetings, realize the need for office space is flexible and efficient. 


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