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Office chair can affect your engagement? !

 Today, recommend a few good office chair to you, make you fall in love with work from now on! 

Just as long to me, comfortable! 
Herman Miller (Herman Miller Aeron chair and Embody the chair 
Life, the most important thing is happy. Sit chair, the most important is comfortable! The famous American manufacturers network design Herman miller Aeron chair has been hailed as a "healthy and comfortable work seats" in human's history. 
According to zhihu @ Ben ye experience: "these chairs sitting for a long time will not feel discomfort, even sit for a day. Like a comfortable clothes, wear in the body, should be forget clothes." Aeron in suspension structure, if you adjust the correspondency of right, it can be natural and the human body contour amplifies, attaining the state of the chair unity, that is why it's so comfortable. 
Aeron chair not only is the one of the most in the movie, is also the major company of choice for purchasing office furniture, such as Google, such as the United States department of defense, had it as a chair. These people often are in a high strength desk, let Aeron take good care of them and hip! 
The film "super body" Aeron with money 
If you like this style, Aeron is very classic, but still advise you to choose to Embody its successor. The latter than the former in the field of ergonomic chair do better, and increase the sense of science fiction in appearance design, beautiful. You see Embody back that have radian curves and its inspiration comes from the structure of human spine. This chair as if with an ultra modern science shape, super handsome. 
As if to driving a rolls Royce, noble! 
The Silver chair Interstuhl product 
In the 17th century is known as the blacksmith process Link family, in 1961, is committed to producing high quality office chairs, and created Interstuhl brand. This noble Silver chair design is his home. There are old and good family skills alongside the body, and can keep up with modern home design trend, Chen go today, Interstuhl brand was doing very good. 
Silver Silver, with 80% of aluminum alloy casting with mercedes-benz grade leather, in view of architecture design circular radius tilting device, left and right sides only control joystick control seat lifting and tilting back lock. 
The wheel chair is "hollow" modelling with five claws, patent design. Ever thought of China's "dragon with five claws of the emperor privileges to use patterns? Five claws hollow shape not only elegant, but also greatly increases the stability, can protect you perfectly to avoid the tragedy of the trip caused by turn the chair. 
Designers of the Silver chair Hadi is also an architect, he shall, in accordance with the and structure and concept "the Bauhaus" (the style is unified, main minimalist, presents the future) to design the chair. Imagine that you sit a miniature building, however, will produce some of the feeling of solemn silence? 
The chair and the collection of the gold limited edition left of pure gold. In enjoyment in life in the future, with silver has become a modern classic office chair works investment. 
You may need in order to buy a house, it is so beautiful! 
Named for designers of PANTON PANTON chair 
Finished fairly regular office chair in the preceding two paragraphs, the next play - PANTON PANTON chair, "she" will break you imagine about boring rigid office chair. Can say, "she" is impressive to everyone's attention. 
This "beauty panton chair", can let a person think of "throw fruit m. pei". M. pei is very famous, Willa Panton (Verner Panton) uncle is a famous Danish designer. M. pei is a handsome man, and from under the hand of panton chair is worthy of the name "beauty chair". 
According to the human body beautiful curve, panton designed a "she" in 1959. As the world's first with a graceful s-shaped monomer cantilever chair, it opened an era. This amazing suspended structure, as well as the shape of a long skirt drag ground modelling beauty, greatly attracted people's attention. 
In particular, panton spent 9 years of time to find the most suitable reinforced polyester plastic material, successfully solves the design of cantilever support it. You can rest assured bold to sit on, believe me. 
Like beauty and extraordinary m. pei, panton chair can call office chair the goddess of beauty. A lot of people like it, but very few true owner. Because it is so fashionable, if no fashion and pretty design collocation, fundamental pressure to resist the charm of the goddess. 
See zhihu @ small warm tie-in proposal: left a whole wall hung with pictures and adornment picture is quite a visual impact, the ground put a row of short add a row of simple and easy desk, bookcase with a red panton chair, eye-catching and decorative. 
That I can concentrate on work chair, efficient! 
LILY LILY chair Arne Jacobsen 
This is the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen's works, was originally designed for Denmark's central bank. No matter positive or side presents dynamic aesthetic feeling, and another version without armrest. The best comfort, beautiful hale curve, such as the modelling of blooming lily, the office of the girls is easy to fall in love with it. 
Arne is generalist design. Famous ant chairs, GRAND PRIX chair is his masterpiece. The three chairs are are similar in appearance, slim and likewise flexible, and biomimetic of kindness. However, the most suitable for when the office chair chair or lily. 
Ant chairs (left) and GRAND PRIX chair (right). 
According to? Office chair, first of all, not too soft, lest people trapped in the posse cotton sleepy; But don't too hard that wood ants chair and GRAND PRIX chair is the problem. Both qualitative hard, no chair wheel move is inconvenient, for dining chair. 
Look at lily chair. First, it forms a design is very crisp, can let you sit in the office, keep necessary awake; Second soft mat added a few minutes of comfortable, not let you pain in every job soon stand up. To function as a Danish champions, Arne design work, will make you satisfied. 
Imagine yourself to be a professor at the university of Oxford, you have! 
Oxford high back seat Oxford chair 
Needless to say, you can know it from the name origin. But the surprising thing is that Oxford high back chair seat is the original version of the Oxford st Catherine "special chair professor of the college. They sit around the long tables sat in two rows, the design of the high back to professors image looks more tall. In front of students, dining and keep air of authority. 
Oxford chair, or can match a harvard table, then the work also became a holy thing...... At the beginning of the 20th century, the high quality material make Oxford chair more thin, beautiful and firm. Later, this chair is added comfort excellent soft leather cushion. 
When it comes to the fabric, the British designer Paul Smith had as a design for a low back chair of Oxford. The old urchin took an ace - the iconic classic British chair face color pinstripe as design, for Oxford chair has injected new vitality. If the classic old it emits strong academic wind, so Paul Smith's chair is mixed more British wit and humor. 
Statue of hip is better for you to choose a chair, carrying work happily! 
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